Do you have a social group or professional team, and would like to learn more about how to take back YOUR health? Let's get together to explore a topic that interests you, related to all things Wellness!

A range of workshops available, specializing in Nutrition, Mindfulness and Conscious Living, with fresh, new themes released regularly! 

Herbs and Minerals

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Dive A Little Deeper

Outdoor Fitness

Mindset Mastery

All transformations begin with having the right attitude and mindset - perception is everything! 

What would you achieve if you KNEW you could not fail? 

The number one thing holding us back from reaching our fullest potential is our own self-doubt. Together we will learn the keys to lasting success and understand just how these limiting thought patterns operate. 

Alkalize Your Life

Acidity = Inflammation = Disease

Let us overhaul your current nutrition habits and learn how to monitor and reduce your body's pH to promote optimum health,

Chopping Vegetables
Herbs and Minerals

Toxin Free Me

There are harmful toxins in our homes everywhere you look and 60% of the toxic byproducts in our bodies are absorbed through our skin.