Programs Overview

What We Provide

Corporate Yoga

Outdoor Fitness

We all know the importance of incorporating a regular Self-Care routine into our lives in order to achieve a successful work/life balance, but it can be really hard to find the time.

Yoga and Mindfulness can be highly beneficial to any business by impacting positively on both the mental and physical health of its employees, and can be seamlessly integrated into any professional establishment.

Private Events

Image by Ibrahim Boran

That’s right! We even perform Private Events.

A truly luxurious and intimate experience to share with the ones you cherish, complete with mindful movement, creative expression, delicious ceremonial beverages, serene meditations, aromatherapy & self-care, and a touch of magik! 


Herbs and Minerals

Do you have a social group or professional team, and would like to learn more about how to take back YOUR health? Let's get together to explore a topic that interests you, related to all things Wellness!

A range of workshops available, specializing in Nutrition, Mindfulness and Conscious Living, with fresh, new themes released regularly!